Sweating at night can really be a bother and in this article we discuss various methods on how to stop sweating at night. Sweating is as a result of the body not being able to emit the excess heat at a fast enough rate and the body results to excreting body fluids in an attempt to cool down. These fluids are in the form of water and upon evaporating there is a cooling effect left on the skin which helps to cool the body. The rate of sweating depends on how much heat the body needs to discard. The excess heat in the body, the higher the rate of sweating there will be.

When you are going to sleep, the temperatures may be low but you should remember that the temperatures do vary during the night. When the body becomes too hot, the excess heat is absorbed by the bed. The bed can only absorb about 60% of the excess heat and this will make the body to start sweating as a way to release the excess energy. But before the body starts sweating, it will try to lose the excess heat through three main methods; radiation, conduction and convection.

Radiation is whereby the body emits excess heat and the heat is absorbed by surrounding materials. Conduction is whereby the body heat is absorbed by any material in contact with the skin. Such materials include the pajamas and beddings. Lastly, convection is whereby the body is cooled by air currents which are constantly circulating in the room. By using a combination of the above methods, you also can learn how to stop sweating at night. First and foremost, wear pajamas that are loose and light. This will ensure proper circulation of air. The beddings should not be to heavy but just the right type depending on the season. The material of the beddings should also be the right type to ensure that heat is absorbed and air can circulate quite nicely. Additionally, when setting the heater keep in mind that the temperatures during the night do fluctuate. If when going to sleep the temperatures were a bit chilly, they can rise during the night. This implies that when setting the heater level avoid setting it too high as this will create more heat than necessary and cause sweating. Having a fan especially during the summer will ensure that air circulates nicely. Set the fun just next to the bed and ensure it is rotating at a slow speed so as not to create a chilly atmosphere and you end up having a cold.

At all times ensure you have the best conditions possible while sleeping. Proper circulation of the air will do the trick and you will have sweat free nights. Opening the window can be used as an alternative to having/using a fan. But ensure your neighborhood is safe to avoid having unwanted guests at night. Whichever method you choose to use make sure you are comfortable while sleeping. Hope you enjoy how to stop sweating at night article here.