Naturopathic Medicine

In recent years, the popularity of alternative medicine methods has been increasing steadily. More and more people are finding out the benefits of using natural methods to heal and strengthen the human body without the use of strong prescription medications that may include negative and unwanted side effects. Alternative medicine methods can include homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapy, chiropractic, meditation and yoga, and the use of naturopathic medicines. Naturopathic medicine can be used as a substitute to the conventional and traditional medicines that are purchased over the counter in pharmaceutical drug stores. Many consider most of the naturopathic medicine methods out of the ordinary and rather unique. The alternative medicine technique of naturopathy however, can actually be used for a variety of different conditions and illnesses. Naturopathic methods can assist doctors with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of symptoms of many known diseases, both acute and chronic conditions. A benefit of naturopathic medicine is that these methods target the actual cause of the disease instead of alleviating just symptoms. Another plus side to the use of naturopathic medicines is that each individual patient will receive a varying treatment depending on the individual circumstances and needs. In conventional medicine, doctors usually prescribe similar drugs for patients with the same disease, but in naturopathic medicine, the effects of certain treatments will vary from patient to patient which is why a naturopathic doctor will need to be well informed and up to date about naturopathic medicines and procedures.

Naturopathic medicines are far different from the conventional strong man made pharmaceutical drugs. Rather, naturopathic medicines rely heavily on the innate ability of the human body to heal itself. The human body is an amazing organism with the very rare capabilities of healing and maintaining its own health. Of course, how we treat our bodies and what we put into our bodies is a huge aspect of the natural abilities. Whereas conventional and traditional doctors will use medicine to treat the specific symptoms of a particular condition or disease, naturopathic medicines focus on the entire body and all the different aspects of life that may contribute to an illness. The focus of naturopathic medicine will take into consideration the type of lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships, stress, and various other aspects of the environment surrounding your life. A large aspect of naturopathic medicine is focused on an individual’s diet and nutrition. Many people are firm believers of treating your body right and it will treat you right in return. Naturopathy is a strong advocate of maintaining a good health by eating natural and organic foods rather than manufactured, processed foods. The different treatment methods of naturopathic medicine may sometimes feel more like counseling or therapy session rather than the traditional visit to a doctor’s office. Methods of naturopathic medicines include, but are not limited to, acupuncture, meditation, hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, botanic therapy, and even yoga. Though naturopathic medicine may seem quite eccentric, it is still a recognized field of healthcare that requires all the proper licensing and certification by certain state legislatures.