We know that Candida Albicans is just one of the hundreds of strains of gut flora living within our intestinal system.

Its whats known as an unfriendly bacteria, which is kept under control by the presence of friendly bacteria and as long as that balance is maintained Candida is not a problem. However when the balance of bacteria is disturbed, commonly known as dysbiosis, then candida will flourish.

What causes dysbiosis?

Use of Antibiotics

Antibiotics will kill-off the friendly gut flora thus allowing candida to proliferate to such an extent that it will overtime become a chronic internal infection.

Unfortunately more and more antibiotics are prescribed to deal with symptoms rather than finding and treating the cause. This is further complicated by the use of antibiotics in livestock so meat and dairy products may contain residues of antibiotics.

Use of the Pill, HRT, Steroids, Cortisone and Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs

Use of all the above can, overtime, cause hormonal imbalances in the body which allows this yeast organism to thrive.

It is well known that candida thrives on progesterone which is found in the pill, steroids and HRT.

Steroids are hormones which are produced naturally in the body as an immune response. When you use them in drug form eg, Betnovate, it is usually in  a much larger amount than you would produce naturally. These drugs suppress the immune system and eventually kill off the gut flora discussing alternatives.

* Many of these medications are life-saving so never stop taking them without consulting your doctor and discussing alternatives.*

Weakened Immune System

Candida is a yeast organism and as it grows it produces toxins which attack the immune system. If the immune system then weakens the candida will spread to other tissues in the body. Those with an already weakened system through chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS are at risk of suffering from candidiasis.


Stress, over a prolonged period of time, can affect the production of acid within the stomach and small intestine. This then makes for an alkaline environment in which candida will flourish.


A diet high in sugar and unrefined carbohydrates will give the candida what it needs to thrive on. When I was at school we did an experiment where a sugar solution was added to a paste of live yeast. The effect was incredible! The yeast solution just grew and grew!

Did you know that it’s possible to consume our own body weight in sugar every year; not so surprising when you look at what you eat in terms of  biscuits, cakes, puddings, sweets, ice cream and pies. Scary!

Bottle Fed Babies

It is a well known fact that breast is best!  As well as picking up good bacteria through the birth canal babies also pick up good gut flora through the first few days via colostrum. Those babies being bottle fed miss out on this and may have problems later in life.